Born To Touch Your Feelings

by Big Papa Warrior

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So here it is, fuck it, friends or no friends...The Hip Hop album I was born to make. Highly illegal, weird as they come, profound, gentle, humorous and humble. Nasty as some chicken gravy on your white shirt too! Full of freak-ya-mind rhymes aswirl with hoes, clothes, dicks, doobies, guns, witches, cars and aliens. To name just a few of things running through my head.

I put my Hopi Wan Opie heart and a whole lotta soul into this Muthalovin' Record. It's the synthesis of my pure childlike mind, my gangsta adolescent persona, the teenage rebel without a pause, the mad poet, the romantic prince, gonzo journalist and goofy wanna-be black kid, all coming together fully formed -- out through the fat, juicy lips of an older, wiser, truer man.

I'm learning to make my Big Radical Poetic Ideas ride the beat. I'm learning to love Human Nature as much as Nature Nature, both cataclysmic, calm and ever-changing.

Like it or not, I AM HIP HOP. It has fully shaped my consciousness and character. This album address Me, Myself and I, Hip Hop, and The World head on. I'm rapping for those who know, those who don't, and those who dare to Dream the Great Dream. Between a Black Man's Heaven and a White Man's Shangri-La, there is the Earth, which we all gotta live and die on. Deep down I'm a honkey-ass outkast with a wizardly flow, grateful for the life I live. I laid it down solid on these tracks. Pull up a chair (or sidewalk or Cadillac) and have a listen. It's FREE as your mind is!


Big Papa Warrior


released June 1, 2017

Produced by Dr. Strangemind in the Sanctum Sanctorum

Vocals, mixing, sampling and keyboards by Big Papa Warrior in the Cosmic Taco Beach Shack

Tracks 8 & 10 produced by Matthew Zimmerman (Bombay Beach)



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Big Papa Warrior Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: My Dick is Your Dick of the Universe (Ghetto Bass Version)
Just hangin out... gonna rap tho

Gotta find a new release
A new manner of speech
Rejection ain't nothin new to me
All you big talkin dicks ain't nothin new to me
Pussy poppin blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Blonde white nerds suck it
This nigga ain't buyin
You're whole game fucked up
If money equals violence
And sex is no sexier than a used appliance
Suck it up, Jack
My cock white but my soul black
And my heart good but my mind bad
And my bitch a queen in your mom's clan
Not Wu-Tang or Klu Klux
Not Bone Thug or Corporate Trunt
I'm a moonshinin son-of-a-gun
Not a two-timin punk slut
I'm a hoo-ridin timeless fuck
Greatest Lover in the World
All you young girls get your rump stuffed
It's Thanksgiving, man
I need my nuts sucked
My back rubbed
My prostate checked
My record dealt straightaway
Put my coffin on layaway
I can say this with a straight face
Earl Sweatshirt is like the nicest kid on the planet
That's what Joe say
I namedrop and I hearsay
I eavesdrop and I procreate
I heart Open Mike Eagle
I be your man slave
Rap side by side to the man grave
Or I stand alone on my own page
Book you a show new moon phase
There's power in humility that's what I say
This is brotherly love no man date
Vulnerable but I stand straight
I speak my mind like Kanye
I curate your shoe display!
I remember those old Jupiter school days
Drake's the new Will Smith
Deal wit it!
Politics divide us if they ain't real with us
Advertisements are full of shit
You can't sell me on that fool biz
I'm old school but I'm New Rich
You on Yahoo!
No Way
Oh my gato that's what my cat say
Translate and I Google it
Amores perros
Life's a Bitch
The World is Yours
Believe that shit...

My dick is your dick of the Universe
My dick is your dick
It's the Universe

No power but the burning solar flower
That's hippy-speak for sun shower
I'm a street level ivory tower
Check out the big brain on Big Papa Warrior
I get the Thug Mansion concept
It's hard to get by payin thirteen hundred dollars for a pint-size apartment
Here's the blueprint for a wormhole way beyond it
Track Name: Hairs of Enlightenment
We the bone diggers
And the cross-dressed sisters
The bonobo French ticklers
Me and Mr. or Mrs. Jones and Bonita
This is my memory street theater
Your amoregraphic freak preacher
In stark contrast to your pornographic feature
More heat than Venus
Call me Big Chief Leave it to Beaver
On a sex cruiser through the ether
No rotten meter maids no vibrating beepers
I don't need a stage
I'm the muthafuckin Universe
Muppet cartoon
Holographic Tupac
Eatin el chupacabra for dessert
With a side of MacDonald's poison fries
Buy a gun for a Happy Meal price
99¢ to Supersize

My humor is neither vitreous or obvious
Aqueous and vitreous humor is actually fluid in your eyeball
My ophthalmologist is fried ya'll!
Seein tears of the clown in the laughing gas mind meld
Will the hairy penis people quit it when they whip it out?
Time only tells in a seashell
Takes Big Mama Thorny Bush to fertilize a sweet spell

We're the hairy penis people
We're the hairy penis people
We're the hairy penis people
And we're comin to town! (repeat)

Not a care in the world and all the money on my mind
I take death out of time and give it new life
With this trick I devised
First I shampoo the pubes in the moonlight
Make sure my tongue is untied
And the pussy is the summer type
Are you a Water or Fire sign?
I'm only askin cuz I'm fuckin you tonight!
The satyr in the candlelight
Two's the Magic Number all right!
With a slow, soft, radical movement
I move inside
Lick your forehead
Bite the sides
I'm a freaky muthafucka by design
But you already knew that
Sex is like eatin and breathin
It's Springtime on Venus
Whether or not she's squeamish
She shall know the truth of the twofold penis!

We're the hairy penis people
We're the hairy penis people
We're the hairy penis people
And we're comin to town! (repeat)

You smell like a cherry blossom kinda mornin
I'll give you Moon Potion far more potent
Than any other man across the ocean
Skin soft in the sand
One day we'll be old fucks
But for now, blissful, star-crossed
Lovemakin in our wool socks
Weed leaf ice cubes
In our Gin and Juice cups
I pick ya dandelions
Massage your sore spots
Lay down in my Big Papa Moon Hut
That Butt Won't Quit Til My Heart Stop...

That Butt Won't Quit Til My Heart Stop
Yo fuck the police!
I'm runnin the moonlight
Getting away from these cops on all sides
They're tryin to get me
Tryin to take my money
Tryin to kill me!
And I'm white!
So somethin ain't right...
Could be my head
Full of Triple OG in a Lunar Slide Ride

Whitey on the moon
Get your ass down cracka!
Club closed an hour before the Great Disaster
Now everybody out in the streets
And they ain't got the answers
But the cops got the fire hoses
And the cops got the guns
And the cops got the ammo
And the cops got the Ghetto Bird
And the cops got the tanks
And the cops got the cops got the cops got the cops got the cops
For six city blocks all I see is cops

I'm gonna lock ya up
I'm gonna throw away the key
Then help your grammamma across the street
Then rake some autumn leaves
No hooker bust tonight
No cock up her sleeve

You won't catch me on my knees
I'm the freedom-lovin' man behind utter darkness
I behold the Blue Eyes in the Sky
But if the badge bad you gonna need a Wyatt Earp type
Axel Foley banana in your tail pipe
You ain't gonna turn Compton into Mayberry Hills overnight
But you can lend a little light
White Lilies I bring thee
An offering of my heart
In the color Black
I feel the depth of thy being

Ice T's a gangsta like Ali's a poet
Mohammedan Angel with a loaded sting for opponents
In Brown I see thy constant endurance
Floatin like butta
Flyin like gravity
Peels caps back at cops in the alley

I bring flowers to both sides of the family
Fuck Guns
All you lions is cowardly
I'm the only gangsta next to Quik
Who can pitch in on a party
Bangin on wax on a teacher's salary
Dodgin every economic bullet
I ain't no casualty

I'm a Great White Shark
Slave ship in my belly
Takin responsibility for my ancestor's treachery
In black thou givest me a proof
Of being above all changes
Life is Eternity
My Inner Outer Reality
Then it's off to Black Space...
Track Name: Twitterpated Type Freestyle 1: Pink and Rare
Everything we go through
All the gangsters around know my whole crew
(Cracka what!)

Muthafuckers scared
Runnin' from a Big Black Bear
This country don't compare
Cooked in the sun
Or pink and rare
Down the rabbit hole with the hare
But strangely enough there's no hare down there

I send up a flare from the middle of the ocean
Just me in a little boat floatin'
That sea breath is potent
That wave overhead is unrecorded

No choice but to swim to shore
Or surf the motion
Break out the sun lotion
Rub it on parts unreported
Between the knees most important
In this life I'm free to follow any notion
People are Bogus!
Fingers up their asses and noses
What other animal strikes these nasty poses?
I'm all cheeks and roses
No Beef, just Holy Cows roamin'

Hell's Bells are tollin'
Grazin' with the grass bovine
Recline like Snoop D-O-Double in a G Ride
See how free my mind glides. . .
Through Spaceshizzle and Time

Merrily out to sea in a '64 Chevy
See the tide high and the moon
Redder than a cherry
Three girls in the backseat
All named Mary
Like it's 1953
Bo Peep and Betty Boop
And enough hoes to repopulate a century
On a planet a billion lights years away from me
Track Name: Time Without Measure
I be the Biggest Nigga!
Everybody flippin' a wig because I speak my mind
Because I shit diamonds
Because I defy Time
Because I'm IN with ya mama
I simplify my design
Sun pales to my shine
One Life
One Time
One Love
One Dime
Put it in a pay phone!
What the fuck's a pay phone?
A fuckin' phone you pay fo!

Time without measure
Life...Constant Pleasure

High as a chariot
Lowest than the lowest poet laureate
I love my woman more and more
I love my dad
I love the Lord
I love Muhammad and his sword
I love Satan and her scorn
Hell hath no furry
What me worry?
What me worry...
What me worry
Hang the judge I'm the jury!
The goddamn Bang in your Big fuckin Theory!
A surfin' celebrity
A killer cali kid
Killer Mike in sweatpants talkin' to Colbert... about Bernie

Politickin' in a hurry
I up jump the boogie
Cure AIDS and cooties
Hawk wares and spit loogies
Love big and little boobies
Smoke mugwort in my doobies
Hootie cootie...hootie scooty nigga

I'm the greatest dog since Snoopy
Ooh looky looky
Sookie sookie
Sucky sucky
For such a Moral Monster hella woman wanna fuck me!
I pay em no mind
Walk the line like Johnny
Make a wigger look Black as Al Roker
Game set match
Mad room for opponents
Let's bomb the Japs!
Oh we already done it

Time without measure
Is life constant pleasure?

I'm gonna call my next album the Super Chronic
Part psychoactive
Part body numbin'
Part White
Part Black
Part Other
Part Rich
Part Poor
Part smart muthafucka
Part dumb muthafucka
Part ugly muthafucka
Part Beauty Undiscovered
Part Man
Part Woman
All my parts under covers
And add a muthafucka for you ignorant muthafuckas!
And add a muthafucka for you ignorant muthafuckas!
And add a muthafucka for you ignorant muthafuckas!

Part witch
Part bitch
Part sister
Part brother
Put a beat under this
Cut the Dope -- I don't need one!

Time without measure
Is life constant pleasure?

The Government's the Biggest Criminal
Since it freed the negroes
This Pain runs Deep
Cuz we all kinfolk
I'm a cracker crackin' up at a bad joke
Ya'll funkier than a mosquito's tweeter
My Rap don't ban people

Sometimes I rhyme slow
Sometimes I rhyme sloppy
Sometimes it's Gin and Juice
Sometimes it's just hockey
Sometimes it's too much acid
Sometimes it's sobriety

I realize a man means nothing in this Cutthroat Economy
Track Name: Nature Boy Style
Back on the scene
Peaceful as a new being
No time to split the difference between seein and believin
Whose hair is weavin
Who's stayin
Who's leavin
Who's next to drop down through the ceilin
Aliens from Mars
Or Boogiers in 3D
I ID'ed em clearly
Mark of the New Freaks
We be explorin each other's kinks
In this think tank among false chiefs
And 80 foot women
No time for limits
It be dinner in a minute
Empress in the kitchen cookin up some fried chicken
I be sittin in the attic doin my thing everybody listen
Open up your ears for a millisecond
I hella reckon
When I'm in outer space
I be that rogue monkey from another planet
Earth or what you call it -- Saturn
I'm up here with Sun Ra
Ya'll down there lookin dumb, brah
Oh what you need directions to the next dimension?
You wanna go to the fifth floor
Or the seventh...heaven
Brother you my brethren
I'm sittin here thinkin clear
Can I get a mention?
Eat all the food you want
I'm sorry for bein a jerk
Eat all the food you want
Take all the money in the world
Eat all the food
All you want
Eat all the food you want
Get all the water you want
I'm givin it away
Free Today
Get yo money
Gonna get yo pay
Free the money
Free the slaves
Free that money
Free the slaves
Free that money
Free the slaves

There was a boy...
A very strange enchanted boy
He travelled very far...

And very wise was he who picked the lock with the key
And very wise was he who picked the lock with the key
And very wise was he who picked the lock with the key
Ya'll knock-kneed
Sittin' on my sofa watchin Coffy
When I'm trying to see the world as it is
No Television Brainwash Headset
No Interweb Death Match
No egg before the chicken
No chicken without a head man
No Ginger without the Bread Man
No Wu without the Tang Clan
No Fu without the Chu Man
No Bacca without Harrison
No Barack Osama without Hitlery Clinton
No dotcoms no prisons
No bad childrens
Tell they mamas I'm a hundred years late
Back in the womb
About to be served up on a plate
To a Nation of Apocalypse-Crazed
Dirty Death-Suckin American Babes
For the God of the Slaves
My Goddess don't play
It's love in the cosmic heart
Fat ass on the brain
Autumn leaves fall
It's all the same...

There was a boy...
A very strange enchanted boy
They say he wandered very far